database design and development

what ?

  • Custom built systems
  • Unique systems for unique requirements.
  • Specialist medical systems and add-ons
  • Based in Auckland, New Zealand

why ?
  • Save time searching and updating your business records
  • Centralise storage and secure access
  • Avoid tedious tasks such as providing reports and finding information
  • Improve workflows
  • Integrate with other systems

how ?
  • 17+ years software development expertise
  • Desktop or web applications
  • SQL Server, Access, ASP.NET, Office
  • We reuse many software modules to save time and money.
  • Proven patterns of database design

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Healthcare solutions



textCare is an automated SMS service designed to reduce costs and increase the quality of your medical practice.

textCare website

Contract tracking and management system for the NZ health industry.

Track funding, revenue and expenditure contracts

Contracker website


The essential tool for therapy providers and their management.

ClinTech is used to manage counsellors, clients, their information, the clinics provided for them, and provide performance and planning information to management.

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Central Line Acquired Bacteraemia Prevention

showcase projects

Pupil Web

An online tool for student health. It tracks clinical information and prints a variety of reports. Read more



This has been developed as a national online register and clinical tool for the management of children and young people who have completed therapy for cancer. Read more



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